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Kit Young was born in 1984. He set out on his photographic journey in 2009 when he moved to France where he joined a group of Paris-based photographers led by Gérard Moulin. It was during this period that Kit began to explore the infinite possibilities of darkroom printing and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated moments in time to create visual patterns as part of series-based work.

“I consider myself to be a photographer and a printer. I think that’s an important distinction to make. I don’t just take photos; I make photos too. The photographer in me is responsive, impulsive, reacting to subject matter on the spur of the moment, more often than not giving very little thought to anything more than the lines and tone of what’s in front of me; the printer in me is methodical, exacting, always working in a more meditative way. I do, however, think that both the photographer and printer in me are curious, inquisitive and often playful – and neither is afraid to make mistakes.”

Gallery Representation

USA: The Hulett Collection

UK: Open Doors Gallery in London for all silver gelatin prints from Where the Rain Clouds Gather


Pop-up Exhibition - Shoreditch, London, England - 'Where the Rain Clouds Gather' - In conjunction with Open Doors Gallery & Setanta Books (2022)

The Hulett Collection - "TRANSLUCENCE" Viewing Room (2022) - "Where the Rain Clouds Gather" Viewing Room - In conjunction with Open Doors Gallery (2022)

Open Doors Gallery Winter Exhibition, Southwark Street, London, England - 'Where the Rain Clouds Gather' - Group Show (2021)

Zeropixel Festival 8, Trieste, Italy - Group Show (2021)

The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London, England - 'Where the Rain Clouds Gather' - In conjunction with Open Doors Gallery (2021)

Zeropixel Festival 7, Trieste, Italy - Group Show (2020)

Open Doors Gallery Landscape Exhibition, Portobello Road, London, England - Group Show (2020)

Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, Arles, France - In conjunction with Bergger (2019)

Semplicemente Fotografare Live 2018, Novafeltria, Italy (2018)

Salon de la Photographie Contemporaine, Paris, France - Group Show (2015)

Red Light Gallery, Norwich, England - Paris at Night (2013)

Université Inter-Ages, Versailles, France - Group Show (2011)

Carré à la Farine, Versailles, France - Group Show (2010)


Where the Rain Clouds Gather - OD Books, UK (May 2021): 90 pages, 44 photographs, Soft cover, fabric tape bound (20x15cm)

Paris Couplets - Bergger Editions, France (November 2018): 48 pages, 46 photographs. Paperback (20x25 cm). ISBN: 978-2-9555912-5-3

Südtirol - Tour Dogs Zines, USA (February 2019). Fanzine.