Kit Young was born in 1984 and currently lives in Norwich, England. Before moving to Norfolk in early 2013, Kit spent four years living just outside Paris, France.

"While I began taking photographs several years ago, I only started taking the medium of photography seriously when I discovered the hands-on nature of black-and-white film and what are now referred to as 'traditional' printing methods. For me, nothing else will do. Film photography allows me to consider my work over time as part of a creative process. I thoroughly enjoy printing my own negatives. Every moment spent in the darkroom gives me a chance to reflect on what I have done and learn from my mistakes. I'm not one for planning individual photographs or indeed photography projects. Instead, I take photographs on the spur of the moment. The four sides of the negative are my point of reference – they enable the viewer to see what I have seen."


Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, Arles, France - In conjunction with Bergger, France (2019)

Salon de la Photographie Contemporaine, Paris, France - Group Show (2015)

Franks Bar, Norwich, England - Fragments of Dreams (2013)

Red Light Gallery, Norwich, England - Paris at Night (2013)

Université Inter-Ages, Versailles, France - Group Show (2011)

Carré à la Farine, Versailles, France - Group Show (2010)


Paris Couplets - Bergger Editions, France (November 2018): 48 pages, 46 photographs. Paperback (20x25 cm). ISBN: 978-2-9555912-5-3

Südtirol - Tour Dogs Zines, USA (February 2019). Fanzine.

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