Where the Rain Clouds Gather - Kit Young

At times the past year has raced past in a haze. Streets have emptied and we have retreated to our cocoons. Cooped up. Waiting for the storm raging outside to subside. The images in this, Kit Young’s second publication, appear as if from a dream state. Moments in time, brought to life in the darkroom and weaved together to create a journey.

Kit Young is an analogue photographer and darkroom artist currently based in the UK. He has been shooting the area around where he lives in East Anglia for many years, captivated by the beauty and power of the bleak landscapes and big skies found there. The photographs he produces are the result of his mastery of darkroom techniques and the countless hours spent in the darkness, alone, perfecting and finessing each print.

“I consider myself to be a photographer and a printer. I think that’s an important distinction to make. I don’t just take photos; I make photos too. The photographer in me is responsive, impulsive, reacting to subject matter on the spur of the moment, more often than not giving very little thought to anything more than the lines and tone of what’s in front of me; the printer in me is methodical, exacting, always working in a more meditative way. I do, however, think that both the photographer and printer in me are curious, inquisitive and often playful – and neither is afraid to make mistakes.” – Kit Young

Where the Rain Clouds Gather is a visceral memory of a trip taken under more certain skies. Following characters as they wait with anticipation for their journey to begin in quaint coastal bus shelters and steam plumed train stations seemingly from another time. Out and into elements. Flashes of the sea flicker through windows as we wind along glistening pathways. Stopping only to soak up the epic vistas under blackened and tumultuous skies. Those characters have become silhouetted ants now. Visible in the distance. Almost indistinguishable from the rich veil of grain that adorns each scene.

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Where the Rain Clouds Gather - Kit Young

  • Edition of 400
  • 20x15cm / 44 images / 90 pages
  • Soft cover, fabric tape bound
  • Metallic on 135gsm black paper throughout
  • x4 silver gelatin print copies also available

Published by OD Books, 2021

Video production by Pete Gardner: https://petegardner.co.uk/